The Diet Of A Professional MMA Fighter

Mixed Martial Arts fighting is regarded as one of the toughest professional ports in the world. During fights and training, your physical and mental limits will be tested, this is even more so for the trained professionals.

For these reasons, the diet of professional MMA fighters is specially adapted to building muscles and for giving the body the needed nutrients to repair injuries as soon as possible. The foods they eat must also increase mental attributes. Like any fine-tuned machine, the fuel you use will affect the performance you get.

Below is a standard list of food that professional MMA fighters use in their diets:

Protein, Protein, Protein:
By far the most important aspect in a MMA diet is the high proportion of proteins found in their diets.
Whether they are from meats or animals or from legumes and nuts, the percentage of nutrients gained from protein as part of an eating schedule is very high. Nuts, Fish and Chicken are considered the most favourable sources:
Fish are not only packed full of protein, but many essential oils and anti-oxidants are found within them. Fish is also a vital source of omega-3 fatty acids.
Chickenoffers many of the benefits of eating an animal, the difference when compared to red meats is that the ‘’bad’’ cholesterol count is a lot lower as is the percentage of (Trans) fat within the animals meat.
Nuts (excluding peanuts which are actually part of the bean family of plants) are full of nutrients useful to your body: Yes the fat percentage is high, but these are the good fats (monosaturates) that are need by your body. Transfats (found in chips, deep fried foods etc.) is to be avoided at all costs… Walnuts are especially high in omega-3 which helps reduce inflammation throughout the body (especially important when recuperating from a fight).
Red meats can be consumed as well, but at a lower proportion when compared to other foods eaten.

Fruits and Vegetables
Fruits and vegetable are a vital component in any eating regime, but especially one for MMA fighters. They are filled with essential vitamins, minerals, fibre and sugars (the good ones) that are needed by a person’s body to operate at functional (or in MMA fighters, an elevated) level of performance.
Fruits and Veg are also low in calories whilst they also leave one full in the stomach.
Eating these vegetable and fruits raw is considered ideal as the process of cooking often damages the minerals with in them (think of eating a salad instead).
Cranberries, Blueberries, Apples, Oranges, and Bananas are just some examples of the fruits consumed, though all fruits can be eaten as they all have positive health benefits.

Not only is the food these fighters eat vital to maintaining their physical and mental states, but the TIME and frequency of meals are important.
Breakfast is the largest meal of the day, included will (generally unless the fighter is vegetarian) a meat protein source, as well as eggs and some fruits.
Throughout the rest of the day, snacks are consumed instead of a large lunch; nuts and fruits are the key here.
Finally a supper containing many vegetables and some protein is recommended by these fighters.



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